New beginnings … new inspiration

You may remember last year’s knitting year’s resolutions … well … here you go people – here’s my knit list for 2013! And yes. I can hear you laughing so hard you are snorting, falling off your chairs, and blowing coffee (or whatever you are drinking) out your nose. BUT A GIRL HAS GOT TO DREAM OK?!?!

Be warned this list is BIG. And for good reason. I like a challenge, and I figure that considering I have whipped up three projects already this year (yes, this year) I’m thinking that maybe I have half a chance. (actually, if I am honest, it’s because I just couldn’t whittle the list down any further, so … whatever).

Some projects are big & blankety, some are complicated cardigans, some are simple (potentially boring) sweaters, some are little things, practical things, impractical things and there is a hat – which I will probably never wear.

It's going to be a BIG year of knitting ...

It’s going to be a BIG year of knitting … (all pattern references are at the bottom of the post)

So, there’s a lot right? And it doesn’t include what is currently on my needles … oops, just add 3.

But in making my knit list, I’ve realised a few things: 

I like yellow very much (which is good);
I like stripes very much (which is good);
and I am possibly suffering from significant self-delusion (which is bad).

I prefer to knit than crochet, which is the complete opposite to last year (which is interesting …);
I love fine yarn (which is great isn’t it, if you are trying to push through a “million” projects in 12 months);
and that this, knitting stuff, thinking about knitting stuff, and planning to knit more, makes me happy (which is a freaking brilliant revelation!).

And can I tell you, this year is all about being happy … I can’t wait to share these finished projects with you (happy), I can’t wait to share with you other projects, events and happenings at Threads & More (happier), and I can’t wait to share a year of happiness through craftiness (happiest).

Happy New Year everyone, may it be exactly that!

Column 1: Cuckoo Clock Pillow by Betsy Farquhar, Doily Bunting by A la Sascha,  Color Affection by Veera Valimaki, Ida’s Kitchen by Kirsten Kapur, Scallops of the Sea by Katie Canavan, Carnaby Street by Lori Versaci

Column 2: Miffy & her Balloon by knitterbees, Caramel by achtungkinder, Abby’s Blanket by Kirsten Kapur, Banana slug by GraceIvy 

Column 3: Big Herringbone Cowl by Purl Soho, Boxy by Joji Locatelli, Hexagons. Grey. by Rosa Pacholleck, Slide by Cookie A , Grey Skies in February by sixandahalfst 

Column 4: Paper Dolls by Kate Davies, Cyklon by Alison Brookbanks, Kenzo by Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Thorn by Bristol Ivy, Emma Boatneck Jumper by MillaMia.

4 Responses to “New beginnings … new inspiration”
  1. Very inspiring indeed! Some familiar favourites there and some new to me patterns too. A great selection. Here’s to happy knitting. 🙂

  2. Moira says:

    Interesting list – some I’ve already completed. I’ll wait to see how you go with Cyklon – it’s a work in progress. I like the Milla Mia design you’re currently working on. Currently doing Redy and another great pattern Bread with Butter and Jam for my DH. I’ll knit along Thorn with you – just contemplating yarn at this stage. Happy Knitting 2013.

    • applefluff says:

      Hi Moira … I like that you think my list is interesting .. the Cyklon is a ‘take 2’ – I’m also keen to see how I go second time around ;0). I look forward to having your company for Thorn, I’ll be organising the KAL some time in early February so everyone has time to gather their supplies.

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