New year, new ideas, new inspiration

I wonder how many of us jotted down on our mental ‘things to do in 2012’ list – “learn something new”?? It’s a common attribute of a New Year’s list, and it certainly sits proudly at the top of mine along side ‘knit more’, ‘crochet more’ & ‘laugh lots’ ;o) .. The Threads team are always … Continue reading

Holiday help … Kids camp is here

With a project bag full of yarn & needles, and a booklet full of projects, this holiday camp is especially designed for your kids and teens – ages 10 to 15 years old – who want to learn to knit! There’s only a few weeks of school holidays to go, but for some it may … Continue reading

12 lovingly & sometimes laughingly selected projects to take my knitting to new heights

2011 was a year where life just pinned me down & slapped me with a wet kipper! I mean come on, I can cope with a few of rubbish moments a year, but 2011 had it in for me & there seemed a limitless supply of kippers. It all got too hard, & even retreating … Continue reading