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Romance Was Born and Cleckheaton have proven high fashion and knitting can definitely be stashed in the same pigeonhole – just have a peep at this incredible coat they’ve collaborated on! – Frankie Magazine facebook post

I can’t wait to see this coat take shape over the next few months as one of our favourite customers Justine casts on. It’s a whopping big project to take on, and not for the faint hearted – but do-able. Very do-able. Just take it one row at a time. I think the excitement of watching the intarsia patterns emerge will keep it interesting, and just the idea of wearing the finished coat would be incentive enough to keep on knitting! Justine is imagining her daughter wearing this for uni when she comes of age – which I think is super cool! (We all went through that phase of wearing our mum’s vintage clothing right?! – In fact I still lament not having the forethought to keep some of Lynda’s crazy 60’s & 70’s gear) We have a bunch of kits all ready to go for the crazy knitters out there, take a look online here.  I’ll even throw down this challenge:

for anyone who buys a kit and finishes it & emails in a picture of their fantastic work before the first of Winter (1 June 2013), I’ll shout them a $50 gift voucher to use instore or online!

Romance Was Born

If that all seems too much, then pop over to Frankie Magazine and enter the competition to win this beauty … I’ve entered – just to have it instore and mavel at would be fabulous don’t you think??

Happy knitting guys! Big or small ;0)


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