Fusion of Fibre

Felting Collage

For a long time we at Threads have enjoyed & been inspired by, the art of felting. The selection of colours, the deliberation over fibre, & the creation of texture is wonderous – the finished product an organic beauty that endures. The beauty of gossamer weight layers of silk on wool, feather weight muslin crimped by the shrink of wool fibre & polished by the sheen of silk tantalise the senses and provide such meditative qualities that possibly you could claim it therapeutic. So you can probably understand why we are very excited about launching our Felting Workshop Schedule for 2013.

This year, we welcome the wonderful contemporary felt artisan Wendy Bailye to our teaching team. Wendy will be teaching a number of different projects each month – express felting sessions on Thursday evenings, & 1 or 2-day workshops on Fridays & Saturdays. A full list of her workshops with details and the opportunity for you to book in are available online. Wendy is an absolutely brilliant teacher with many tips and techniques to share. As a novice, her passion will inspire you, & as a seasoned felt artisan in your own right, Wendy’s skills, experience and eye for detail will enhance your craft and introduce you to new & interesting ideas. I am truly looking forward to creating a menagerie of podlettes, experimenting with muslin and working with paj silk for the first time. WBFelt Collage

If that isn’t exciting enough, we are very pleased to be able to confirm with Raewyn Penrose will be joining us again this year in May. Raewyn’s passion for garment design, construction and texture opens up an entirely new sphere of felting possibilities. As always, Raewyn’s visit will be a whirlwind of classes of a period of 10 days mid May. At this stage we are just tweaking the details {which class on what day kinds stuff}, but if you would like to register your interest, just drop us an email {shop@threadsandmore.com.au} and we can contact you when our final schedule is confirmed in the coming days.
RPFelt Collage

Also on the agenda for the coming days, is the confirmed schedule of workshops with the lovely Phillipa Rooke. Phillipa has been teaching at Threads for many years, guiding beginners through the simple steps of laying out, fulling, rolling, throwing & finishing, and inspiring amazing creations. Phillipa’s signature classes of traditional nuno, winter wool slippers, the felted tote & her wool/silk wrap will return in 2013 along with a couple of new workshops delving into Phillipa’s latest passion of texture & patterning. Think silk and felt tunics, textural fluid samples just itching to be fashioned into a wrap-around skirt or oversized shawl. Think delicate. Think beautiful.

This year, Threads felting classes will bring form & function to the table, and wrap them in the beauty of glorious colour & texture. With new products being introduced into the Threads store – new textiles, books, silk fibres & wool top, all your felting delights will be right here. We look forward to experiencing your felting journey, and cannot wait to get started.

One Response to “Fusion of Fibre”
  1. Aannsha says:

    Your work is exquisite!

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