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We ‘heart’ Hearts


Yes, I know, it would have been MUCH BETTER if I had posted this little montage a few weeks ago to get you thinking, planning and creating in time for some Valentine’s craftiness, and I really have no excuses – but I didn’t want to NOT share my fav finds for L-O-V-E knitting. And really, couldn’t you surprise the love of your life with a little giftie any day of the year?? Of course you can!

In time for Thursday here is my wishlist:

#1: Pop Heart a little freebie with I want to hang off my handbag to remind me that all there is is love.

#2: Love Socks – totally sweet, cool, fun, and cute! all in one. Bonus – another free pattern and they knit up in Spud & Chloe Fine per-fect-ly.

There’s no way that these socks will be completed, or even started right!? but that’s why I have called it a wishlist.

Happy Valentines to you all, my your day be full of love and happiness.

Column 1: Pop Heart by MyGurumi, Valentine Banner by Lion Brand Yarn,  Valentine Hearts by Elizabeth Murphy, Love Socks by Devon Clement, Crocheted Valentines by Purl Soho

Column 2: Heart Applique by Heloise Victoria, Heart Arrow by Jill Watt, Hearts by Anna Hrachovec, Perfect Heart by Barbara Summers, Louie the Lovebot by Rebecca Danger, LuvBots by Anna Hrachovec

Column 3: Valentine Teddy by Stephanie Jessica Lau, heartfelt rings by Tiny Owl Knits, Love’ words in yarn by Camilla Fabbri, Valentine Hearts by Donna Kay Lacey , Valentine Heart Cloth by Tricia Walter