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New year, new ideas, new inspiration


I wonder how many of us jotted down on our mental ‘things to do in 2012’ list – “learn something new”?? It’s a common attribute of a New Year’s list, and it certainly sits proudly at the top of mine along side ‘knit more’, ‘crochet more’ & ‘laugh lots’ ;o) .. The Threads team are always keen to inspire our friends to give something a go – through sharing what’s on our needles & hooks, projects we love in magazines & on ravelry, and also through the classes and workshops we hold at the shop. We think we have come up with some great classes to kick off the year, and thought that as this week is a good week for ‘getting oneself organised’ before the swell of everyday life engulfs us. You might want to think about adding some of the following to your diary, tick off that ‘things to do’ item, and give yourself a gold star!

For those that want to give knitting or crocheting a go for the very first time … you can’t go past our Absolute Beginners Knitting & Absolute Beginners Crochet classes. Set over 2 hours, for three weeks, you’ll go from ‘all fingers & thumbs’ to smooth knitting or crocheting in no time. And what’s great is that at the end of the three weeks, you’ll have a lovely first project to show off and smile about. It is quite something to observe nervous newcomers to knitting & crocheting get the hang of what was once thought to be foreign to something that becomes natural, and by the end there is some very proud students with beautiful handiwork and a small fire of inspriation ignited within.

If you have got your head around the basics, but need a ‘push’ to become a little more adventurous, our series of Advanced Beginners classes look at all types of techniques to develop your skills and inspire you to rocket past scarves and squares … sign up for a ‘bits & bobs knitting’ session and learn about why tension is important, a few essential ‘how to’s’ and the mystery of blocking. If you interest is in pretty stitch patterns or cables, Lynda’s famed scarf that turns into a blanket series is a great place to start. And for those that crochet, a retro scarf complete wtih a bobble fringe, or a tiny owl might tickle your fancy. 

In January we have scheduled just a few of our new inspired classes to whet your appetite … in February we will be including more advanced workshops, freeform and felting. So stayed tuned to grab your chance to tick off that ‘things to do’ item for 2012.  

Look out tomorrow for all the details of our January Knit-a-Long and Crochet-a-Long, perfect for those that want to schedule in some dedicated knitting and crochet time ;0)